Pure Customer Service plugin for Outlook

Improve customer service representative efficiency and avoid negative word of mouth.

When you have a dissatisfied customer, then time is of essence. Customer service plug-in for Outlook allows customer service representatives to identify emails from dissatisfied customers without reading emails.

Pure Customer Service plugin (PCSP) is easy to install plugin in Microsoft Outlook. Once installed, its most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms  categorize all incoming emails on multiple dimensions such as urgent, customer inquiry, promotional email, and Positive/Negative. All these categories are visible to customer in a column next to email title in Microsoft Outlook. With our plugin, you are in charge of prioritizing the work.

It takes only two minutes to set it up. Installation steps are as follows:

1. Please make sure that you are having Outlook 2010 or 2007.  And, close Outlook (if you are running in your computer).
2. Download Pure Customer Service plugin for Outlook installer zip file. Fill out the form below to get the AppID.
3. Unzip zip file and save both files in the same directory. Click on Setup.exe.
4. You will see welcome screen. Click on next there.
5. Select folder to install and “Everyone option” or “Just me”. Click Next.
6. Fill out App ID blank and click next.
7. Just click next on every next steps.

More detailed installation steps can be found at : Pure Customer Service plugin for Outlook – Installation Document

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